Class of 2025 Quick Q&A: Top 50 prospect loves everything about Florida

Mar 17, 2023 | 1 comment

(Photo courtesy Austin Simmons)

It’s still incredibly early, but Pahokee (Fla.) quarterback Austin Simmons already looks like he will be one of the top-tier quarterbacks in the southeast in the Class of 2025.

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder, who already holds offers from the Big Three instate, visited Florida last weekend.


Who came on the visit with you?
” My dad, who’s also my coach, came with me.”

What was the day like as far as what all took place?
“We came in around 2:30 p.m., and had a tour around the campus. Got an opportunity to see the baseball facility, came back to the football facility and took a tour around there. Then I watched practice while standing next to Coach [Ryan] O’Hara, then I had a photoshoot. After that, I met up with Coach O’Hara and Coach [Billy] Napier, then I left around like 7:30 p.m.”

What coaches did you speak with the most and what was their message to you?
“The coaches I spoke to the most were Coach O’Hara and Coach Napier. They told me that this (UF) is the place to be and I think he could be right, the campus itself is amazing and with the coaching staff and team, it could become something special.”

What was it like to see practice? What were your impressions of it?
“Seeing the practice and seeing how they manage was something special. They fly around the field all the time. Everything is moving at a fast speed.”

What are your thoughts on the new football facility? What stood out?
“Seeing the new facilities was great. They look amazing! It’s a place where you can get true development and progress in your game. What stood out to me was the weight room and easy access to get in and out of the indoor facility and weight room.”

What was the highlight of the visit?
“The highlight of my day was just standing next to Coach O’Hara and the other quarterbacks getting a feel on how he coaches his quarterbacks and how he is as a person and mentor.”

What was your impression of Florida this early on in your process?
“I just love everything about Florida. The city, the campus, the facilities, the fan base, the coaching staff, just everything about the University of Florida is special.”

Did you have a favorite college team (or player) growing up? If so, who and why?
“Never really had a favorite college team or player, I liked to watch all the teams play to see something different here and there.”

You have some impressive early offers, but is there one or two that really caught your attention? A ‘wow’ moment?
“Definitely, like Florida really caught my attention. From going on an amazing visit to sitting down with Coach Napier and hearing that he offered me.”

What are your thoughts about Florida after taking this visit?
“Florida stands high on my list, they’re definitely on my top school list.”

Besides UF, have you visited any college campuses yet? If so, where and what were a couple of your favorite visits?
“I have visited Louisville, FSU, and Miami. But overall, Florida and Louisville are my favorite visits so far.”

Do you have any plans to see any schools over the spring or summer?
“I don’t know yet.”

It’s still early, but do you have any leaders or are there a couple of programs that you know will be there until the very end for whatever reason?
“No, not right now.”

Simmons is the No. 38 ranked prospect in the nation according to the On3 Consensus.

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