Class of 2025 Quick Q&A: Defensive tackle offered on visit

Jan 29, 2023 | 1 comment

(Photo courtesy Myron Charles)

It’s still incredibly early in the recruiting process of 2025 Port Charlotte (Fla.) defensive lineman Myron Charles, but he has already garnered offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Florida State and LSU, with the Gators pulling the trigger during his visit for Saturday’s Junior Day.


Who did you visit with?
“My mom, two older sisters, and my younger brother.”

How did the visit go as far as how long were you on campus and what did you do?
“It started at 9 o’clock and ended at 4 o’clock, so we were there for a bit. I got to meet a lot of the recruits and talk to lots of coaches. I got to tour all over the school.”

Which coaches did you hang around the most?
“The only name I remember as of now is Coach [Kareem] Reid. He was with me all day.”

How did the offer go down as far as who extended it, what did they say to you?
“I got called to the head coach’s office. He [Billy Napier] asked me about how I liked everything and asked for my thoughts. Then he gave me a few compliments and then he got right to the point saying they were gonna offer me. I said, ‘Thank you, coach.’ I shook his hand and that’s about it.”

What was your reaction?
“I kinda knew it was coming, but it’s just like getting any other offer. I was shocked at first, then felt great. It pushes you to get going and grow.”

What does it mean to get an offer from Florida?
“It means a lot. It’s close to home and I know my parents don’t really want me to leave Florida, and they are one of the best schools in the state.”

What was the highlight of the day?
“Taking pictures with coach Reid.”

Did you get a chance to interact with any of the other visitors? If so, who and what did y’all talk about?
“I don’t really know a lot of their names, but I got to talk to a lot of the other recruits.”

What are your thoughts on the new football facilities? What stood out about it to you?
“The locker room has some crazy technology. It’s dope.”

What are your thoughts about Florida after taking this visit?
“Nothing really changed. I’ve liked the school since the first time I visited, but I like a lot of colleges.”

Do you have any early leaders? Where does Florida stand right now?
“No Sir, I’m not too sure. Hopefully, I can take a few more visits to be able to answer this question better.”

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