Ranking Florida’s chances with the June official visitors on offense

The Inside Scoop on June's official visitors

by Mark Wheeler

The June official visit period is in the books and a month-long dead period is right around the corner.

Keep in mind, that there are almost six months before these prospects are able to sign. Not every current commitment, whether it be to Florida or another program, will remain that way through to National Signing Day.

In the last cycle alone the Gators saw several summer commits (Amaris Williams, Jamonta Waller, Nasir Johnson, etc..) end up signing elsewhere. At the same time, a couple of eventual UF signees (Mike Williams and D’Antre Robinson) were at one time committed elsewhere.


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  1. If we lose Brown with his history with us Napier should fire Gonzales on the spot and then resign himself.
    That is really an ignorant statement. Gonzalez has coached successfully multiple receivers who went to the NFL from his time with Urban Meyer, Dan Mullen and now Billy Napier. The guy does not look like much, but he can certainly coach and recruit. If we do not get Brown, it will not be because of Billy G, it will be because he and his dad to not see success in Napier to bring back a Championship.

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