Clark insists he isn’t Bowens 2.0

by Mark Wheeler

Last June, after competing in a Florida summer 7-on-7 tournament, four-star running back commit Chauncey Bowens stood in the indoor practice facility and declared his intention to stick with the Gators despite a scheduled upcoming official visit to Georgia.

Three days later he flipped from UF to UGA.

Fast forward one year.

On Wednesday afternoon Tampa (Fla.) Plant four-star running back commit Waltez Clark insisted that despite his scheduled weekend official visit to Central Florida, the Gator Nation had nothing to worry about.

It will be his second straight weekend in Orlando, after he unofficially visiting the Knights last weekend.

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  1. You can't compare a RB leaving us for Georgia to one leaving for UCF.

    I don't blame Bowden. He went to a better team that does a good job of putting RB in the NFL.

    It makes no sense for Clark to go from us to UCF.

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