Reranking Florida’s Transfer Portal Additions Post Spring Practice

Pup Howard has been a key addition

by Jesse Simmons

We know how Florida’s transfers ranked coming out of the Portal, but Inside the Gators was interested in taking it a step further. Jesse Simmons spent the last year working as an assistant athletic trainer for the Gators’ football team. That afforded him unique access to rank each of the 10 transfers based on how they performed over the course of 14 spring practices and the O&B Game.

Keep in mind that how they performed over the spring isn’t necessarily an indication of the type of year/career they will have wearing the Orange & Blue. They will each grow at their own…

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  1. Why did we sign so many players who only have 1 year left?

    We're not going to be that good anyway this year so wouldn't it be better if we let our young players get the experience.

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