QUICK Q&A: Highly coveted 2026 athlete learned the ins and outs of Florida football

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Though he doesn’t currently hold a ranking from any of the four services, 2026 Buford (Ga.) jumbo athlete AJ Holloway already holds offers from the likes of Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, and Texas.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pounder spent Saturday in Gainesville at the Gators’ final Jr. Day.


What was the highlight of your visit today?
“A really big highlight today was not just meeting the coaches and staff but seeing the ins and outs of Florida football.”

Which coaches did you speak with the most, and what did they have to say to you?
“I spoke to a lot of the coaching staff, but for the most part, Coach [Mike] Peterson, Coach [Cannon] Gibbs and Coach [Kali] James guided me throughout the day and they told me it was amazing to get me down there and we were going to keep building a relationship.”

What is your impression of new UF linebacker coach Ron Roberts?
“Coach Roberts seems like a phenomenal linebacker coach and based on what I’ve seen, I see Florida’s linebacker core being amazing in the future.”

Is there anything new you learned about the Gators today that you didn’t know before? If so, what?
“Personally, I have only been to UF a couple of times as a kid, but after getting a full tour of the school, I see how family-oriented it is. Every member of the program cares for one another and about who you are as a person and not just a player. That’s rare to find at every school.”

What is the most impressive thing you saw either on a tour of the campus or during one of the presentations? What really stood out?
“Truly the UF academic standards and the way they run the program are very impressive.”

How do you feel about Florida after visiting today?
“After today I feel Florida would be one of my top schools.”

It’s still early for you, but do you have any leaders or a leaderboard?
“In no specific order, but Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Auburn, Texas A&M, Louisville, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Kansas, and Colorado.”

Did you get a chance to speak with any of the players, if so, who and what did they say to you?
“There was a player panel for us recruits and it was just an informational interaction. The players just told us their personal experience with UF football.”

Do you know of any visits you have coming up over the spring?
“I plan to visit Tennessee, UNC, Colorado, and Kansas in the future.”

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