Former commit back in the fold

Gators to go see top lineman

by Mark Wheeler

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Hampton (Ga.) Creekside three-star defensive tackle Michai Boireau committed to Florida over the summer after back-to-back visits to SEC rivals Florida and Georgia. That pledge lasted just under three months before the 6-foot-5, 390-pounder put himself back on the market.

Now he is ready to name a leader.

This past week Florida parted ways with his would-be position coach, defensive line coach Sean Spencer.

According to Boireau that doesn’t impact the way he feels about the Gators.

“Honestly that doesn’t change my perspective of Florida,” said Boireau. “They just said…

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  1. Not to take away from his moment, but if we're being honest, he decommitted because he wanted to go to Georgia, but Georgia instead took Nasir Johnson. So, Florida, which needs big bodies, got him back.

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