Recruit Reaction: It was an exciting game

by Inside the Gators Staff
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Inside the Gators asked Florida commitments and targets for their thoughts on the Gators’ 39-36 loss to Arkansas. Find out what committed PWO DeBraun Hampton, and targets such as Tavaris Dice and Xavier Payne as well as others, thought of the game.

  • 2025 offensive line target Tavaris Dice

It was an exciting game the offensive line had a good game with the protection and run blocking to they were able to put up some good points even though they lost they played a competitive game that was exciting and fun to watch.

  • 2026 defensive back target Devin Jackson

I feel like Florida fought hard, the defense played good, and made good plays on the ball.

  • 2026 offensive lineman Ben Bankowitz

It was a tough loss. I think the game could have gone either way but UF had a few plays that didn’t really go in their favor. If they make those plays, they win the game. They played tough and fought hard all game long. I thought the OL played great. They really wore Arkansas down and in the 4th quarter, they were winning the battle in the trenches. They seemed to be dominant against the Arkansas defensive front for most of the game. The run game and passing game for UF was moving the ball and making big plays up and down the field. UF has a really talented OL and they are really well coached.

  • 2024 PWO wide receiver DeBraun Hampton

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to watch the game because we had Saturday practice getting ready for the first round of playoffs! However, looking at the stats from ESPN, the offense played a very competitive game and [Eugene] Wilson had a really good game with two passing tds. I really like how [Graham] Mertz got alot of his receivers involved in the game, it reminds me of my QB, DJ Lagway, how he spreads the ball around and we have at least 3-4 receivers with at least 50 yards per game and at least 3 of us with TDs per game. Overall, I believe in what Coach [Billy] Napier is building in the Swamp and I look forward to making a difference in the receiver room as well as special teams.

  • 2026 offensive line target Xavier Payne

The loss was a surprise but Arkansas just came to play today and they executed in areas that the Gators didn’t. At my position, the play was outstanding (OT) and the offense overall was executing pretty well. The defense just couldn’t consistently contain Arkansas’s offense.

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