Recruit Reaction: A great bounce back

Recruit Reaction

by Inside the Gators Staff
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  • Four-star receiver commit TJ Abrams

It was a great bounce back from a loss. The receivers once again showed why they are SEC caliber. Their ability to get open and come down with the ball is unmatched.

  • 2026 defensive back target Devin Jackson

I think it was a good victory and everybody played as a team. I think the defense balled out to hold them to only 7 points and the secondary made great plays on the ball. I think the atmosphere was great. It was electric and the fans go above and beyond.

  • 2025 defensive tackle Sterling Sanders

I thought it was amazing! Especially when the offense was getting all the touchdowns. Plus, when the defense was getting all them sacks. I really love how Cam Jackson stayed in his gap and let Princely Umanmielen get the sack on that one play. The chemistry on the field is unmatched. The atmosphere of the Swamp is amazing! The best part of the game was almost everyone asked me how I was doing and feeling. Can’t wait to come back. Go Gators.

  • 2026 quarterback Cole Walker

I loved Florida’s offense and how it seemed like they always kept the defense guessing. The quarterbacks looked really smooth. The atmosphere was awesome. Towards the end of the game while Florida was up by a lot – fans were still there keeping the same energy as at the beginning of the game. I also love the new lighting thing they do after every touchdown.

  • 2025 cornerback target Chris McCorkle

It was great to watch them get their first win at home, I thought the DBs played well too. They definitely know how to hold their own out there. I’ll be back for the Tennessee game.

  • 2025 wide receiver target Tae’shaun Gelsey

The game was exciting and a great experience. I love the energy of the players and the crowd before, during, and after the game. I feel like the receivers did great, ran great routes, and blocked each other to create big plays.

  • Four-star receiver commit Jerrae Hawkins

I think it was a good win. We ran the ball better this game, that opened up the passing game. I’m going to try and make it to the Tennessee game.

  • 2025 receiver Jayvyn Fraziars

As a wide receiver, the Florida Gators passing game is electric. When they open with a pass after running the ball five times it is going to most likely be a big play.

  • 2025 four-star receiver Jayvan Boggs

The offense played a lot better. I would say that there starting to get into a rhythm and about to go on a run! I’m going to the Tennessee game.

  • 2025 lineman Elijah Daniels

I think the win showed many people what the Gators truly have and what they can do, especially at D-line. All the boys were making big plays up front.

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  1. I thought I had this scheduled for yesterday, but I accidentally put it in for later today in the admin.

    As you would expect, there wasn't a lot of recruiting buzz (or buzz at all - which is why I couldn't get an Uncensored Soundoff) around the game. Boggs outlook changed significantly from last week.

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