Predicting Who Plays: Quite a few true freshmen should see action this season

Predicting who Plays

by Inside the Gators Staff

In their first season at Florida, Billy Napier & Company saw 10 of their 16 Class of 2022 signees play in more than four games, forgoing their redshirt season.

With game-week preparation upon us, Florida has begun to pare down its rotation and determine which players will see the field this season.

Who does and doesn’t redshirt isn’t always entirely dependent on the freshman’s talent level. The depth and the injury situation at his position also play a part.

Today Inside the Gators makes a few predictions on which freshmen will play immediately and who will redshirt


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  1. There are about 15 players in that signing class that should play this year.

    And they're about 15 players in this senior class we have now that's in high school that should play next year, and those 30 players will be the core of our return to the top.
  2. Don't you think at least one of the freshmen receivers will start.
    Yes. It's one of the easiest positions to start as a freshman and the upper class talent and depth isn't that great. Maybe not start the first series at Utah but by Tennessee, yes.

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