The Inside Scoop: Going in-depth on the Weekend Official Visitors Part I

The Inside Scoop

by Mark Wheeler

Inside the Gators takes a more in-depth look at this past weekend’s official visitors. I had a chance to speak with 12 of the 15 official visitors – I didn’t catch up with Ashton Hampton, Jaylen Harvey, and Michael Uini – as well as two team sources who spent time around the visitors.

MICHAI BOIREAUHe is an absolute mountain of a man. If he were currently on the squad, he would likely be one of the two or three biggest Florida players. In the Weekend Visitor Preview I stated that this was his first trip to campus, but he…

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  1. UPDATE: Just to show you that it is always 'Buyer Beware' when reading quotes from prospects while leaving their official visits. After Denson left campus, he did an interview with an Alabama reporter where he played up his offer and interest in the Tide much more than he did when he was interviewed earlier in the day.

    That is the way recruiting works. Anytime you talk to these kids leaving their official visit, you are going to get a much more positive update than you would if you were to talk to them a couple of days later when they are off their visit 'high'

    If a couple of days later they are still raving about UF, then it matters.

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